Alberta First Film Fund

About Us

Alberta First Film Fund

Alberta First is planning to produce 20 films in Alberta over the next 5 years, translating into a $250+ million injection into Alberta's economy to help create and sustain thousands of jobs.

How Alberta Competes

To drive the Alberta film and TV industry to be a competitive jurisdiction to Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto and continue Alberta's award winning streak and status as the most awarded jurisdiction in Canada!

Theatrically Released Films

Focus on socially ethical Films that find success at the box office and compete for international awards.


A unique mix of expertise, locations and advantages help make Alberta a destination of choice for productions from around the world. Alberta is home to expert crews that have been nominated for more than 50 Academy Awards since 1948 and have received 22 Emmy Award wins out of more than 90 nominations, more than any other jurisdiction in Canada. Alberta's vibrant and dynamic film, television and digital media industry continues to create amazing content that shares Alberta's stories.

Industry highlights

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